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Integral to Orthodox Christian services is the singing of hymns, many of which are based on Old Testament Psalms and were composed hundreds of years ago by monastics and Fathers of the Church.

At Annunciation, English is the primary liturgical language, while musical settings are closely related to the neo-Byzantine melodies best known to the Greek Orthodox tradition.

In 2014 we acquired Hymnals so that all parishioners and guests can sing along with the choir and the chanters.


  • Our choir leads congregational singing at every Sunday Divine Liturgy. The choir also sings the more complicated hymns, often in four-part harmony. We follow the tradition of singing without instrumental accompaniment. (Click here to listen) 


  • Chanters are responsible for singing at weekday Divine Liturgies, morning and evening prayer services, and sacramental services (e.g., baptisms and weddings).

Choir members and chanters have the gifts of:

  • Musical ability
  • Deep-seated commitment to learning, rehearsing and singing liturgical music on a regular basis

Please join us at services to hear and become familiar with our music.

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