Daily Christian Life


Daily Christian life

Begin and end the day with prayer to God.  Try to include God in your life throughout each day.

Families with children should try to pray together once per day.

Begin fasting to increase spiritual maturity and gain virtues.

Be charitable.  The Old Testament teaches we give 10% to God.  The New Testament teaches us to give to God unconditionally.


Daily Personal Prayer

Begin by making the sign of the cross and praying either the Lord’s Prayer or the entire Thrice Holy prayers (Trisagion prayers). 

This prayer habit can be prayed in the morning and evening.

Learning formal Orthodox prayers from Orthodox prayer books teach us how to pray to God and what to pray for.  They also help us learn how to hear God's answers.

What is prayer?

Daily prayers for Orthodox Christians


Weekly Community Prayer

Sunday Matins and Divine Liturgy.           

Matins is a prayer service with psalms, hymns, Scripture and prayers. It prepares us for Divine Liturgy.

Divine Liturgy is the Eucharistic service of the Orthodox Church and is also celebrated on weekdays.  Please refer to the Church calendar for days/times.


Monthly prayer group

Watch the Church calendar to learn when this group meets each month after Sunday services.              

We review Scripture that teaches us how to acquire God's healing. We take the teachings and pray for people on our Church prayer list as well as other identified individuals.

Would like us to pray for someone?  If so, please let us know.


Youth Religious Education

Youth religious education classes meet each Sunday morning at 9:45am in the classroom area of the church hall building. Each class lasts 30 minutes and the children are dismissed in time to attend the Divine Liturgy with their families.


Adult Religious Education 

The adult religious education class meets each Sunday morning at 9:45am in the sanctuary of the church building. These classes take the form of interactive presentations.

Here are additional links to guide your daily Christian life.

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