Gifts Based Ministry


Thank you for your interest in our Ministry.

Our Gifts Based Ministry was created in June, 2015 and is based on the Orthodox Natural Church Development program ( This program helps us learn that a Gifts Based Ministry is one of the healthy characteristics for growth within a parish.

We believe everyone has God-given gifts they can share, especially when they choose to participate in a ministry. We provide a class based on the book The 3 Colors of Ministry where we help individuals identify their gifts through an assessment and discussion. The gifts outlined in the book include:

  • Apostle
  • Artistic Creativity
  • Counseling
  • Craftsmanship
  • Deliverance
  • Discernment
  • Evangelism
  • Faith
  • Giving
  • Healing
  • Helps
  • Hospitality
  • Interpretation
  • Knowledge
  • Leadership
  • Mercy
  • Miracles
  • Missionary
  • Music
  • Organization
  • Prayer
  • Prophecy
  • Service
  • Shepherding
  • Singleness
  • Suffering
  • Teaching
  • Tongues
  • Wisdom

If you feel you have the gifts of organization, knowledge, teaching, or service -- or if you just have questions - please consider joining us!

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