Eucharist Bread (Prosfora)


Thank you for your interest in serving the church with your gifts.

The Eucharist Bread (Prosfora) Ministry has been providing fresh baked bread for Sunday Divine Liturgy since 2013. Our goal is to provide freshly baked bread as an offering of our love and faith to the church.  

Approximately 3 times a year the call goes out, usually by email, for bakers to reserve a Sunday to prepare prosfora.  Some choose to bake on the anniversary of a loved one’s birth, nameday, memorial or other family occasion.  Others choose based on their personal schedules and availability.  Prosfora is baked in the home, using prayers and a recipe provided by the ministry.  Of course, some people use their own family recipe; either is welcome.

The ministry leader contacts each baker the week before as a reminder (since in some cases it’s been 2 months since they picked their date).  The ministry leader also meets the baker, as needed, to deliver the prosfora to church, usually on Friday or Saturday.

Truly, a willingness to learn and an available kitchen are the only requirements to joining our ministry.  Of course, if you are already a baker, then this ministry would be a natural for you.  Men and women are currently bakers.  Many make it a family affair and prepare the prosfora with their children. Baking lessons are available at any time for any new bakers. 

All are welcome to join our ministry.  Currently we have enough bakers that each bakes about 3 times a year.  We encourage bakers and non-bakers (we’ll turn you into a baker) to join us in this ministry that is central to every Divine Liturgy.

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