Fellowship and Activities

The Church, as the Body of Christ, is truly a community in the fullest sense of the word. Continuing in the apostolic tradition of assembling together for worship services and spiritual edification, we are also given opportunities to become a more close knit community on the personal level. It is for these reasons that we encourage and invite you to attend and participate fully in the day to day life of our parish as we seek to fulfill the Christ given mission of the Church in preaching the Gospel to the world around us.

Coffee Hours

In addition to luncheons, a coffee hour is sponsored each Sunday at the conclusion of services. If you wish to sponsor a coffee hour, please contact the church office at least one month prior to the date you wish to sponsor.





Easter/Pascha - Join us for our Agape Vesper Services

Picnic - On the afternoon of Easter Sunday following the Agape Vespers service, a barbecue and picnic are held on Church grounds. The entire community, along with family and friends, are invited to attend as we celebrate the resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. 

Dance - Children
Dance - Teens
Dance - Adults (Olympians)
Greek Fest - Our annual Greek Festival event is held the Friday, Saturday and Sunday after Labor Day. A chance to visit and learn more about our church!
Greek Language School - To learn or improve the use of Greek language. Held in a joint effort with St. Dionysios Greek Orthodox Church.