Our History

1908 - 1941

Just as the present church and community center represent the latest accomplishment in the development of the Greek Orthodox community in Kansas City, Missouri, so did the founding of the parish and the construction of its first church at 14th and Broadway serve as a...read more

1941 - 1973

"The period between 1941 and 1945 was proud and full of enthusiasm. Upon the completion of the new building, the parishioners exceeded themselves in contributions, rivaling one another to see who could donate the most for the paying of the mortgage, which was paid in full...read more

1973 - Present

In contrast to the Broadway and Linwood churches, built to handle immediate needs, the exhaustive search of the 1960s was for a site which would serve present and future needs. Geographic location posed a serious problem since most members were scattered throughout the metropolitan area.

The 10-acre site at 120th and Wornall Road was...read more